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As fall approaches, you’ll want to start preparing to dress for cold weather. Make sure you’ve got these items in your closet because they’re must-haves for looking cute and put-together while staying warm. You won’t even want to resort to your old sweats when you’ve got these easy items you can mix and match to […]

If your favorite weekend activity isn’t already going to brunch, it is about to be! After a long week in the office, there is nothing more relaxing than catching up with good friends over delicious bites. Grab your girls and check out these great places to eat, drink, and catch up with your best friends. […]

Labor Day always feels like the last chance for a big summer activity, so take advantage of your long weekend by getting out and doing something fun! It can be tempting to sleep your weekend away, but when the weather gets cold, you’ll be thankful you were able to have one last hooray and spend […]

NYFW Spring 2020 is right around the corner! With nearly 100 designers and thousands of attendees, NYFW is always one of the biggest fashion events of the year, and we’re lucky enough to be located in the same city! There are lots of ways to participate, so take advantage of the opportunity to be involved. […]

From sharing personal content with friends to gaining brand awareness for a business, Instagram is used for a variety of purposes. Whichever way you choose to utilize the social media platform for, you will want to have your profile represent you as effectively as possible to maximize its uses. From enhancing your posts to keeping […]

Internships are an important learning experience for anyone looking to prepare themselves for a successful career. It is an exciting time where students and young workers are able to try new things, get hands-on experience and gain insight on what their future career may entail. At the beginning of an internship, you may be asked […]

“Phone eats first!” is the most common phrase we hear at brunch lately. One of the most important parts of a meal has become taking a picture before you take your first bite, making aesthetics just as important as taste when it comes to picking out a meal or restaurant. Here are some of our […]

As seen in our previous post, corporate social responsibility is favored and often expected by consumers. Brands are starting to recognize that it is part of their duty to the community to use their profits to give back those in need and create eco-friendly products. We’ve rounded up some great examples of socially responsible brands […]

Summer is the perfect time to head out, enjoy the sun and catch up with friends. Between fun outdoor brunches and rooftop cocktails, you’ll want to look your best all season long. Here’s some of our favorite outfit ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration for wherever your summer takes you! City Day […]

Working in a big city is a one-of-a-kind experience that many people dream of getting to do – there is nothing like sitting in an office and looking out at the bustling city streets below! However, it is not always as glamorous as it seems. When you’re commuting to work in a busy city everyday, […]

In such a big city, it can be hard to choose how to spend your day off. Take advantage of your free time by going out and doing something fun! Here’s some of our favorite things to do here in the summer that will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated before you head back to […]

We’re here with the best picks for all things stars and stripes. Half the fun of a holiday is getting dressed for the occasion, so don’t forget to add some festive touches to your accessories. Keeping your outfit plain with a few fun accessories is the perfect way to look fun and fashionable during any […]

Summer is the season of warm weather, rooftop dinners and interns, which is an exciting time for students to work at companies and get a taste of the industry they are studying. Starting a new internship is exciting but at times can be a bit overwhelming. By following these tips to prepare yourself, there’s no […]

Summertime means ice cream time – which is also our favorite time. There are few things better than cooling off after a long day in the office with delicious ice cream on a hot day. There are tons of spots around New York City that have delicious ice cream to enjoy all summer long. Between […]

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start finding your perfect swimsuits that you can bring along your beach trips and vacations. Each swimsuit will fit a bit differently so here are some different trends for you to try out. Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below! High […]

Summer is here and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re looking forward to beach trips, relaxing vacations and the exciting long weekends – plus staying in style for each occasion! We love keeping up with the latest trends for the summer. Check out these fun summer accessories that are perfect for the warm weather!

Looking for some fun activities this Memorial Day weekend in the big city? Here’s a list of events to keep you busy and on your toes! Grab your friends and family and get ready for the best weekend ever!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and sometimes it can be tricky to find the perfect gift as we want to show our utmost appreciation for everything they do! Here are a few great gift ideas that will show appreciation to any mom.

Spring is right around the corner and we are here to help you with some cute and easy dress ideas! From light pastels to florals, short to long, the options for a perfect spring outfit are endless.

Whether you are living in the city or commuting there, it can become expensive very quickly. The city offers free activities if you are on a budget and want to try something new. We found a few fun spots anyone can go to, that you can bring your friends and family with while enjoying the […]

We were so excited to have our Press Previews this past April! Our friends from Moderne Press flew in from San Francisco to co-host the event, where we showcased a great selection of fashion, home décor, and lifestyle brands. The event was held right here in SoHo with top tier editors, influencers, and stylists who […]

The lights dim, the music starts playing, and everyone is silently waiting for something to happen as anticipation ensues. One single light shines on the entrance, as the first model steps onto the runway. Welcome to The Silver Needle Runway. Marist College’s Fashion Program is gearing up for The 33rd Annual Silver Needle Runway, also […]

Looking for new drinks to try as the weather warms up? As spring rolls around, we are in the mood for something light, refreshing and fruity. Spend the weekend with friends testing and experimenting with these fun and delicious cocktails. These beautiful drinks are perfect for a day with the girls, picnic, or even a […]

With the spring comes warmer weather and new outfit opportunities that don’t require a heavy coat and clunky snow boots. See below for some of our favorite styling ideas that will help you stay on trend all season. We love anything neutral colored because it makes it so easy to mix and match for endless […]

New York City is home to many things – famous landmarks, beautiful skylines, extravagant shopping and some of the best restaurants in the country. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Italian restaurants that are perfect for any foodie who is on a budget. Now you can have your pasta and eat it too! […]

Staying in the city this spring break? We found a bunch of fun activities to do all around New York to keep you occupied this week! A surprise full of color; The Color Factory pop-up museum is in New York City! This picture-worthy palace is a selfie galore and we can’t get enough of it! […]

Looking to step up your social media profile? Here are some of the coolest and most popular picture worthy destinations around New York to up your Instagram profile. Get ready to get snapping! Brooklyn is known to have some of the coolest spots for taking some artsy photos. The Graffiti Hall of Fame has dozens […]

With winter in full blast and snow always in the forecast, we need all the help we can get to stay as warm as possible. These stylish and functional accessories will encourage you to brace the cold and make it a little more bearable. Many seasonal accessories will be on sale to get ready for […]

The public relations and fashion industries have one thing in common – they never sit still. Fashion is constantly evolving, adapting to the season and the newest trends. Similarly, public relations is constantly adapting to social movements and evolving consumer expectations of industries and businesses, including those regarding corporate social responsibility. People have become more […]

Valentine’s Day with the girlies this year? No worries, us too – we got you covered! We planned out your entire day with your besties from eating, drinking, and fun activities. You’re welcome. First things first, let’s start with an easy to make, fresh drink of grapefruit and orange infused vodka. This pretty pink cocktail is […]

We know that February’s weather can have our skin feeling neglected from moisture so here are a few tips to help replenish dry skin! These are specifically chosen for those who need that extra pick me up from moisturizers to lip balms. Let’s stay dewy and glowy this winter! Feburary’s weather can take a toll […]

Catch everyone’s eye with this adorable statement piece from Kate Spade’s Valentine’s Day line that would match with any outfit! We are loving how versatile this bag can be as it can add a subtle or bold touch. Kate Spade never fails to create a bag we can all obsess over. This trendy cross-body retails […]

Facebook Marketing Tips for 2019  Growing your social media following in the fashion industry can often feel like you’re a small fish in a big pond. Just as trends within the fashion industry are constantly evolving, so too are social media’s various algorithms and audiences’ preference. As your plans for 2019 begin to take shape, […]

  PressReady invites you to an exciting PR power hour on January 24th @ 9:30am. Learn more about how to pitch your business to the media over light breakfast bites. We would love to meet you!        

You know that feeling you get when it’s snowing outside and you’re curled up in a blanket, sipping some hot chocolate and binging the latest Netflix series? That feeling can be described by one word: hygge.    A newer lifestyle trend in the U.S., hygge is a Danish word and principle for the feeling of […]

As the popular saying goes, “New Year, New Me!” With 2018 behind us, it is now the time for us to plan and organize goals to achieve in the new year. Making the resolutions is the easiest part of the process, whereas maintaining them throughout the year brings about many more challenges. Not to worry, […]

The end of the year can bring many things: holiday festivities, wrapping up current projects, and new goals and events to look forward to for the following next year. At the end of each year, Pantone releases the new color of the year that sets the tone for future products and designs across many landscapes. […]

Hosting a Holiday Event

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December 17, 2018

Hosting a Holiday Event
‘Tis the season for getting cozy with cocktails in good company! Hosting a get together during the holidays is a great way to celebrate with those who you may not usually be able to see often before the new year. Hosting a fun and festive event is easier than it may seem – see some […]

Twice a year, we invite our media friends to meet with us at our press preview events to view collections from our fashion brands in person. This is a great way for members of the media to become more familiar with each brand in an intimate way while learning more about each brand mission and […]