Best Places to Get Ice Cream this Summer in NYC!
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Summertime means ice cream time – which is also our favorite time. There are few things better than cooling off after a long day in the office with delicious ice cream on a hot day. There are tons of spots around New York City that have delicious ice cream to enjoy all summer long. Between classic scoops and crazy new flavors, check out some of our favorite options below!

  1. Milk and Cream Cereal Bar

Right in the heart of Soho (and dangerously close to our office) is Milk and Cream Cereal bar! They are a relatively new place which opened back in 2017. The best part about their ice cream is that it is blended with your favorite cereal. Every combination is totally customizable so you can pick which flavor of ice cream and the type of cereal you would like blended together. What can get better than this?

2. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

With many locations all over New York, you can enjoy classic flavors of ice cream homemade with the finest and freshest ingredients. Morgenstern’s ice cream is extra creamy and delicious making this place a favorite among many. Make sure you stop by to try them out and snap a fun IG while you’re there!

3. Stax Ice Cream

Stax Ice Cream takes dessert to a whole new level- literally. They have tons of fun and different combinations that your average ice cream shop won’t have. Their most famous concoction is their ice cream donut sandwich that is the perfect pick-me-up for any sweet tooth! Definitely a must try this season.

4. Amorino Gelato

Need a new sweet treat to try out? Gelato is a super creamy and rich version of ice cream native to Italy (and without the pricey plane ticket). We love all gelato but be sure to check out one of our favorites Amorino Gelato. So creamy and perfect on a hot day, you can never go wrong with any of their flavors. An added bonus – the server can craft your gelato cone into an insta-worthy flower!

5. OddFellows Ice Cream

OddFellows Ice cream is not only an ice cream shop, but a coffee shop and can meet all of your sugar and caffeine needs in one swoop. They have classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate but also offer seasonal specials that they change a few times throughout the year.

6. Taiyaki NYC

If you are looking for a super unique sweet treat, Taiyaki is the place for you. They offer tons of different ice cream combinations that they beautifully serve in a fish-shaped ice cream cone. The ice cream cones are taste as good as they look and make the perfect picture for social media.

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