NYC Backdrops to Step Up Your Instagram Game
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Looking to step up your social media profile? Here are some of the coolest and most popular picture worthy destinations around New York to up your Instagram profile. Get ready to get snapping!

Brooklyn Street Art

Brooklyn is known to have some of the coolest spots for taking some artsy photos. The Graffiti Hall of Fame has dozens of different spray painted walls filled with bold, dark, and colorful backgrounds. You can take selfies, a photoshoot, or take photos of the graffiti itself. Don’t worry, you won’t look like a total tourist!

Subway Station

The newly-reopened 28th Street is a huge topic these days and everyone is talking about how stunning it is. Not many stations have picturesque quality and aren’t the first choice for holding a social media photoshoot. However there are many beautiful and unique photo-ops like this unique tiled backdrop.

Bow Bridge Central Park

Are you into a more natural and earthy background? Bow Bridge in Central Park is a perfect picture spot no matter the weather. There are so many different angles and spots you can go to for the photos to come out differently. On top of that, it’s a relaxing nice spot for a picnic with a view!

China Town

We adore China Town for fun nightly vibrant photos! After all, NYC is known as the city that never sleeps. Let’s hold this statement to be true and take a night trip for some cool photos. The busy sidewalks are also packed with souvenir stores and bubble tea shops to treat yourself with once you are finished snapping pics.


Dumbo is a cobblestone neighborhood in Brooklyn that sits perfectly along the waterfront. It features beautiful views of the Manhattan Skyline and is the ideal picture location of the city without the hustle and bustle. Catch this location on a sunny or winter day and your photos will come out amazing! Be sure to check out the merry-go-round along the water that is great for relaxing.


The NoMo SoHo (NoMo meaning nostalgic and modern) is an it-destination in the heart of stylish SoHo. NoMo is infused with creativity, evocative expression, and artistic dedication. It’s filled with cute picture spots with lots of views overlooking the city.

Stepping up your social media photos is easy after a bit of exploring around the city. Try out our favorites – you (and your followers) won’t be disappointed!

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