How to Improve Your Instagram Profile
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From sharing personal content with friends to gaining brand awareness for a business, Instagram is used for a variety of purposes. Whichever way you choose to utilize the social media platform for, you will want to have your profile represent you as effectively as possible to maximize its uses. From enhancing your posts to keeping your profile up-t-date, these tips will keep the followers and likes coming along on your page! 

Step Up Your Filter Game

Instagram offers many filter options for your pictures, but after seeing the same edits over and over, they can get tiring to look at. Use the popular editing app VSCO to take advantage of more filtering options. The app is free and includes lots of editing features to choose from, and even allows you to purchase many more choices for just $19.99 for the year. Another fun and unique editing app is HUJI, which makes pictures look as though they were taken on a disposable camera and gives them an effortless vintage effect. You can also add light effects and the date to the bottom of the image to make it look even more authentic. Try these simple tricks to spice up your pictures!

Create Content With Canva

Canva is the perfect way to make your profile look professional and put together. With templates for posts, stories and highlight covers, all of your content will look like it was made by a graphic designer. The templates are customizable, with plenty of font, color and style options to choose from. You can download the app or access the website from your laptop, allowing you to create content wherever you are!

Switch Your Account to Professional

If your profile is public, you can register it as a professional profile in your settings to open up exciting new features to the app. There will be tabs for promotions, your email, and statistics about your account that are private for you to view. Even if you are not actually using it for business, you can register as “Just for Fun” and you will be able to see interesting insights to your account such as when your followers are most active and how many views your profile gets each week. This will help you optimize the viewership on each post because you’ll know when to post and which posts are more successful than others.

Download Planoly

Planoly’s grid preview and scheduled posts will help you with a variety of your Insta needs. This is a great feature if you like to see how your posts will look on your profile before they are officially uploaded and will help you maintain a cohesive aesthetic. The app can also help you schedule posts in advance which will ensure that you are posting on a regular basis no matter how hectic your schedule can be. This is especially helpful should you have followers in different time zones than where you are based.

Archive Posts You Don’t Want to Permanently Part With

Feel like a post hoarder? Sometimes you just know a post doesn’t fit the brand or message you want your profile to convey but are reluctant to delete because you don’t want to erase the memory. Try archiving the picture instead of deleting it so that only you will be able to see it even though it will not appear on your profile. If you regret it, you can always take it out of the archive and have it posted to your profile once again. It’s a great risk-free way of making simple changes to your feed!

With hundreds of posts a day on your followers’ feeds, it can be hard to stand out. You’ll be able to stand out in the sea of endless scrolling after incorporating our top social media tricks. Be sure to have fun and enjoy building your profile to maximize its potential!

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