Sunglasses That Complete Your Look
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Hey, Is That You?

Hey, Is That You?

Sunglasses are a great accessory that can be worn all year round and we love to try out different styles over the summer. Sunglasses come in tons of different shapes and sizes and can be both a bold or subtle accessory to your outfit. New styles come out each season and it is all about finding which is the right for you. See below for a few of our favorite trends to try out this summer!


TintsWe love tinted sunglasses and tend to see sunglasses tinted with red, pink, and blue. Tinted sunglasses can coordinate with your outfits and draw attention to certain details or colors. While wearing them, they add a reflection and can really make an outfit pop. People wear these purely for fashion reasons, and they spread on the trend.



Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-Eye SunglassesThe cool thing about these Ariana Grande style sunglasses is that they can match with either casual or nighttime outfits. A pair like these usually come in black but we’ve been seeing other neutral shades tend to be seen around the city. Cat-eye sunglasses can be a showstopper and represent bold personalities. Sunglasses like these can be found in many different sizes, but large ones are in demand. If you’re feeling a bit daring, try a bright color like red or hot pink.





OversizedSunglasses like these are our absolute favorite because we love how they can make a trendy statement. These include embellished sunglasses and any large pair of sunglasses in various shapes. We especially love square shaped sunglasses to play with and accentuate natural face angles. A tip when taking an Instagram photo is to lower your glasses a little and pretend you’re looking at the camera for a great edgy shot.



90s-Inspired Sunglasses

90s-Inspired SunglassesThe Kardashians have been photographed with this sunglasses style, and now you can own a pair too! This style is starting to make a comeback into street fashion and is rapidly taking over. The more we walk into department stores, the more we notice this style flying off the shelves. Only certain designers make them, but the demand is still high. These usually come in black or a neutral color to keep the look simple. it remains plain and simple and chic.

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