Summer Sandal Favorites
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Start with Sandals

It is that time of year again. Summer is here, and the fashionistas start walking the streets with their outfits on point. A piece of any outfit can be the focal point of its overall appearance, and this summer, it is sandals. Sandals can make or break an outfit, whether they are uncomfortable, mismatched with your overall look, or goes perfectly together, etc. Any scenario is on the table when it comes to shoes. Colors are a must and have to coexist with the statement you are trying to make. The same goes for metallic shades too. Make a scene and rock them in style. Wearing styles that are bold, people consider going “out of the box,” but I believe that upcoming trends can take over. I mean, who doesn’t want to make a statement. As long as you are comfortable, different and are a part of the new summer sandal trends.


Sandals that wrap around your ankle and make their way up your legs are becoming a trend nowadays. This snake-like sandal trend is classic and chic when wearing trendy shorts and a basic tank. Adding some simple accessories, like rings or necklaces, can pair up well with these. They are famous for either a nighttime and daytime outfit. Shorts adds emphasis to the snake-like sandals.


Platform sandals are becoming the new “it” thing now. It adds height, style, and confidence to all women. A pair of these can be dressed up or dressed down with a variety of outfit choices. Whether there is an extra heel or just a basic flat, anyone can rock a pair of platforms. Wearing platforms allows more creativity to your outfit, along with bringing more “life to the party.” When wearing platforms during the day, brighter colors pop more rather than wearing them at night. These can be paired with a romper, Capri length jumpsuit, or a skirt with a loose t-shirt. They are also great for walking due to being sturdy and level.


Shake your shoes through the streets and show off your fringe. Fringed sandals add some color to your outfit and are a fun component to your overall look. Heels or flats can make wearing fringe just simply perfect. Adding some flair to an outfit can come from jeans or a shirt, but coming from shoes makes it even better and shocking when noticed; something people do not expect. Fringe with rolled up jeans is a significant trend look to do while being edgy at the same time.

Backless Loafers

Being professional and trendy is fun and essential when at work. It may not be sandals, but they sure are becoming popular again. Being on trend is something essential as well, which makes loafers a simple and easy go-to. Some people may think that loafers are not a good fit for them, however now they are becoming very vogue with ripped or flared jeans. Girlfriend jeans paired with loafers and a duster is something that I have seen on the NYC streets numerous times. Wearing these to work is acceptable due to having a classic look and being work appropriate. These come in multiple colors on many websites; however, I have noticed that people mainly wear neutral colored ones.

Frolicking the Streets

Have any fun plans coming up? Getting something new for a party or upcoming event makes a person feel extra special. When I have something exciting coming up, I like to treat myself to either new jeans, a new shirt, or a new pair of shoes! Treat yourself to one of the most popular fashionable summer sandals going on now. Now, which trend do you like best? Comment below to share your thoughts with us.

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