The Best Ways to Pamper Yourself
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the best ways to pamper yourself

Hi all and happy Thursday! It’s just one day after the holiday of love and we have been obsessing over all of the Valentine’s Day posts. From fashion posts, to galentine’s posts, to post about your significant others, we have been getting heart eyes for it all! This holiday is not only about showing your love for others but is also about showing love for ourselves. Often times, we get in the habit of putting others first and forget about the things that truly make us happy. Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to give ourselves a little love for once! With this, we are here to talk to you about self-love and the best ways to pamper yourself!



We know, this is easier said than done, but taking time to relax is SO important. Our day to day lives get hectic and with this, comes stress. Set aside a certain day out of the week to just chill. Start up a new series on Netflix, take a bubble bath, or meditate! Once you’ve taken this time to focus on yourself and to really rejuvenate from the unwanted stress in your lives, we guarantee that you will feel more at ease!

Surround yourself with Positive People

surround yourself with positive people

Nothing is worse than being around someone who is constantly negative. Whether they complain about another person, their job, or something going on in their life, it is absolutely draining to listen to. These people are toxic and their negative energy will only bring you and your mood down. Try to wean out these types of people in your life and really surround yourself with those that you know will make you feel good no matter what!



The thought of exercising may sound absolutely dreadful to some, but feeling good about yourself always stems from within. In fact, working out releases a chemical called dopamine, which is a major contributor toward making you a happier individual! Working out will not only make your confidence fly through the roof, but it’s also a great de-stressing mechanism. Speaking from girls who use to never work out, we seriously see a difference in our mood and energy levels! Exercising doesn’t have to be as dreadful as it sounds. Cater your workouts to your interests. Try out Zumba, go for a hike, or try a spin class – just have fun with it!

Do a Phone Detox!

do a phone detox

Our phones are a major distraction in our lives. There is always something to look at and new stories to read up on… so why wouldn’t we constantly be on our phones!? The truth is that constantly being connected throughout the day can have a negative effect on our lives. Our phones take away from being fully immersed in whatever may be going on around us. We may submerge ourselves into the depths of Instagram rather than socializing at a party, or we may not give our full attention our friends while out for a girl’s night. Try putting the phone down. We aren’t saying for the whole day, but at least for a portion of the day. When you’re with your friends try making it a habit to keep your phone in your purse. Disconnect for a while. This will not only help you to focus on yourself, but it will also prevent you from procrastinating. Detaching from the virtual world will make you realize that life is better lived in person rather than through a tiny screen.

We hope this blog post reminds you that you too are important. So, take time for yourself, pamper yourself, do things for YOU, because you deserve it!

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