Must-Have Cocktails for a Summer BBQ in the City
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Whether you are outside enjoying a summer barbecue in the city or ordering in something delicious from your favorite restaurant, your meal isn’t complete without that perfect cocktail. Combine your favorite fruits, liquors and sodas together to create a flavor of your own or use one of these must-have cocktails for a summer barbecue in the city.

Fruity Mojitos

Nothing is more refreshing than a cool burst of mint on your tongue on a warm summer day. Combine that mint with some of the tastiest fruits of the season and you have a fruity mojito that is perfect for a warm weather cookout. A blueberry ginger mojito is a beautiful drink to enjoy with your steak or hamburgers. It utilizes ginger simple syrup with a traditional mojito and a cup of fresh blueberries for a tangy twist. Not a fan of blueberries? Try it with raspberries or blackberries instead.

Arnold Palmer with a Twist

Everyone knows that iced tea is the official drink for barbecue meals. An Arnold Palmer is simply a mixture of half iced tea, half lemonade. When you add a few fun twists, the drink becomes the ultimate barbecue cocktail. Pour in a splash of bourbon with your tea and lemonade to create a delicious classic with and added punch. Grill some lemon slices to garnish your drinks with to not only add another layer of flavor but to tie it in with your barbecue themed meal. Use a lemonade mix or create your own homemade lemonade for a more intricate flavor profile.


Although many may consider the margarita to be limited to Mexican cuisine, the drink has become synonymous with simply having a good time, making it a great option for summer barbecues. Serve a glass of relaxation when you make the ultimate margarita with lime juice, triple sec, orange liqueur and tequila. Make it even more barbecue-appropriate by adding in some good lager-style beer. A hint of sugar will make your drink even tastier. Be sure to have plenty of limes for garnishing and coarse salt to add a flavorful rim around all of your margarita glasses. 

Gin Fizz

As simple as a gin fizz is to make, it may not sound like anything spectacular for your summer barbecue. Add some lime and cucumber and you will make it pop! Celebrity chef Anne Burrell made the drink more spectacular by adding mint, sliced cucumber, lime juice and sugar to the classic beverage. Her secret is in the process of infusing the gin itself with cucumber, a technique that provides even more flavor. You can also purchase gin already infused with cucumber and add cilantro for a deeper flavor profile.

Keep a table or bar near your grill to make drink mixing convenient. Place bowls of berries, a shaker and any garnishes you need next to your ingredients and clean glasses for easy access. Be sure to use fun summer accents like pastel swizzle sticks, edible flowers and drink charms to delineate which drinks belong to your guests easily. 


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