Our Plans for the 4th of July
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Our Plans for the Fourth of July

our plans for the fourth of july

A Capitol Fourth:

If you find yourself near the D.C area on the fourth, stopping by this free annual concert is a must. Each year well known artists take the stage on the west lawn of the United States Capitol building to preform for hundreds of people in person as well as for millions of at home viewers who catch the live broadcast.

cape cod beach

Cape Cod:

If you’re looking to spend a relaxing holiday with your family and close friends Cape Cod provides the perfect atmosphere. We love spending fun days by the beach and relaxing nights by a bonfire while lighting festive sparklers.

clubs that host fourth of july themed parties


Not only is this city known for their spectacular firework show, the city is also filled with different clubs that host Fourth of July themed parties which makes for a night to remember.

las vegas fireworks

Las Vegas:

It is not hard to see why Las Vegas is a go to for many Fourth of July travelers. Vegas provides fireworks, clubs, shows and much which makes being in Las Vegas during this holiday a definite bucket list item!

disney world

Disney World:

Disney is known for being “the greatest place on Earth” and on the Fourth of July it is not hard to see why. Disney is perfect for any person at any age to celebrate this holiday surrounded by positive energy.

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