Summer Bucket List
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Much like the 1st of the year, Summer brings a feeling of newness and the chance to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Chalk it up to the heat waves, but suddenly our inhibitions are out the window and we get to try things we would never do during Spring. We made a list of everything we want to do this Summer to take advantage of the weather and Summer Fridays!

Mariposa Summer Bucket List:

– Take a trip to Coney Island

– Read four new books

– Try out the new City Bikes

– Spend at least an hour every day outside (even in the rain!)

– Instead of throwing out old t-shirts, DIY them into cute summer tops!

– Take weekends to explore every borough of New York

– Be a tourist for a day at the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and even a double decker tour bus

– Buy a piece at a vintage store we wouldn’t normally wear and make use out of it all summer long

What’s on your list?

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