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February 15, 2013

Fashion Week called for a lot of social media time and intimacy with our phones and apps. Needless to say, our cases from Christmas are a bit worn down from all the handling during vining, instagramming, tweeting, etc.The new season calls for a new case so we’ve rounded up our picks!


If the traveling bug has bit you like it has us then this Ted Baker London ‘Taxi Cab’ case is right up your alley:

ted baker london 'taxi cab' case


For those suffering from a serious case of 80’s nostalgia we suggest the ZERO GRAVITY ‘Puzzled’ case or Audiology’s ‘Madonna’ case (pre Kabballah):

zero gravity ‘puzzled’ caseaudiology’s ‘madonna’ case


Had an especially happy Valentine’s Day? Show off with Case-Mate’s ‘Yes’ case to celebrate!:

case-mate’s ‘yes’ case


Whatever the case may be (pun intended) choose one that shows off your personality to everyone on the train, bus, or office!

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