Lady Gaga’s Fragrance Launch Party
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Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, and the world’s first black eau de parfum, “Fame” had its release party this past week and it was the kind of unexpectedness we’ve learned to expect from the pop singer. Partygoers were required to wear black tie as well as a mask, headpiece, tiara, or … lobster. The event was held at the Guggenheim museum and among the little monsters who showed were Alexander Wang, Yoko Ono, and Paris Hilton. The masked set got a special viewing of  Steven Klein’s promotional short film for the fragrance after which the Mother Monster herself was revealed inside a life size replica of the Fame bottle. The bottle even included a hole for the attendees to stick their hand through to try to rouse the seemingly sleeping singer. When the singer finally awoke it was to receive a tattoo from inside of the bottle which was displayed on the screen for all to enjoy. Needless to say Fame’s fifteen minutes won’t be up for awhile thanks to its unique launch party.

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