Social Media Management for your Fashion Brand

In addition to building your brand momentum with digital influencers, it is also critical to engage with your end consumers on a meaningful level. Today's savvy fashion consumers are looking for more than a simple product- they are looking to identify with the brand and the designer. They want the clothing and accessories that they wear to convey who they are - not only based on what it looks like, but how it makes them feel and the story behind each object. Connecting with your consumers via social media in necessary to building a brand, particularly in fashion. At Mariposa, we understand how these connections are made and we can help you build the loyal following that will thrust your brand into the spotlight.

The world of fashion is a vast market and it is not easy to stay competitive without the correct form of marketing, this is why fashion public relations and social media marketing are so important to Mariposa. It is vital that the marketing team connects to the correct demographic of people. Hence it is also essential to make use digital marketing besides the traditional marketing techniques.

A good digital marketing strategy is essential to make your mark in the fashion industry. Let us help you make the most out of your social media campaign!


Tips and Techniques to Promote your Fashion Line Using Social Media

  • Target your key customers:

Be sure to know who your target market is, and what inspires them.

  • Well timed promotions:

Timing is everything and making sure it feels exciting and personal even more so. Finding brands that align with the product mission is a great way to cross-promote across various channels to maximize creative exposure.

  • Promote the product:

Finding the right product at the right time is key so plan your social media schedule according to holidays, seasons, special days and market them by special interest and occasion to make sure you’re hitting target customers at the right time.


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