For a business owner, expanding his or her business is one of the most important things in their career. Taking your company to an international landscape can be a big stepping stone for a business of any size. This can be very challenging and the business owner may face many challenges like foreign markets, new distributors, new customers, different legal requirements and different competitor markets to look after. But what is your take on PR? A PR agency with international experience will be a better option to go with as they know how the market in your country of interest works. Dealing with the foreign market can be tricky, and one has to be careful before venturing into that market. Working with a company like Mariposa Communications can make this journey a lot easier. You can reach out to one of our international PR professionals for a no-fee consultation here.

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10 International Tips for Global Companies


1. Choose the right market for your products

Choosing your audience according to the goods and services you are providing is one of the most important things you have to consider initially. If there is no demand for your products, there will be no one buying products from you, which will end up causing you financial losses.

2. Respect their culture

Every nation has its own culture and traditions. There will be times when people may speak your language, but other times, there can be a difference in perception due to cultural barriers. There can be some things which may offend some people that would otherwise be normal to you. Try to adjust accordingly and respect their values and culture. Hence, make adjustments to your products to sell it to your international customers.

3. Develop and build connections

Creating connections comes into existence when you have to set up your business in a foreign market. One cannot rely on staying in their comfort zone. Go out there and meet people, develop connections, get the estimations, know the details and ask questions.

4. Be honest and transparent

Transparency in the business can be one of the most highly debated issues of all. For example, your company policy may claim to not allow you to share information with the media, which can be very troublesome for you later on down the road. If you can’t change your policy, try to find a compromise in order to settle any concerns regarding transparency in order to build trust.

5. Work according to them

People from different cultures have different work ethics. In some places, people believe in a quick fix in order to find a fast solution to the problem. But in some countries where the problems are complex, people may be looking for a permanent solution, be it slow and steady. Work according to the work flow that is prevalent and that the problem at hand.

6. Make yourself count and show your worth

Your potential customers in a foreign land may not like the services that your old customers used to appreciate. Get to know what exactly your foreign customers want and work on it. Work on your story and your value proposition and turn it into an eye opener for your new potential customers.

7. Offer amazing customer service

Getting feedback about your products is necessary as it gives you the potential to improve your products. Offer people great customer service as it has an impact on your company’s reputation.

8. Get provisions for online communication

Being in touch with your customers is important. In this generation of the internet, you can take advantage by communicating with your customers through a variety of channels. Provide help and answer their queries by addressing their problems in a timely manner. This is your chance to solidify your knowledge and lend a helping hand, and in return, there are also chances of your customers becoming your permanent clients and referring you clients.

9. Build your credibility

If your work has been exceptional based on your experience and feedback, you can ask your old or current clients to give you a reference based on their professional experience working with your company. This falls in your benefit as people tend to believe in real world examples, and from the past experiences of others, they will get the better judgement of what’s it like to work with your firm.

10. Look over your public image

Media plays a great role in building up the images people have of you. You should know how to handle interviews. Take time to understand how to take interviews and prepare for them. Having a solid media image will help you build up your business overseas.

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The markets are growing rapidly, and competition between companies within different industries is growing at an alarming rate every day. Understanding global problems, cultures and work ethics are highly important issues. Mariposa Communications is one such company that provides international public relations and marketing and works with people to build their businesses overseas.

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