The way that fashion consumers are guided and influenced has changed dramatically over the last decade and changes continue to occur every day. While they are spending more time than ever reading about fashion and appreciating the art of our industry. Nowadays, the end consumer follows many different influencers mostly via social media and these influencers have a tremendous impact on how consumers define their individual style and how they ultimately make purchasing decisions. 

We tailor your online digital fashion PR campaign to find the influencers who are most relevant to your brand and are most likely to connect with your style and aesthetic. We form a deep and long-lasting relationship between your brand with the selected influencers so that you bridge a real, authentic connection with their audience. Since we are located in New York City we are immersed in the global mecca of the fashion industry. 


What Influences a Fashion Sense?

There are many concepts of what works when it comes to influencing consumers into buying products. Although you may be right to some extent, it may be a good idea to invest more time in researching the subject. There are many developing factors that lead to the  acceptance of what is popular or trendy in the world of fashion.


Social Media Factors That Influence The Consumer’s Fashion Sense

Social Networks play a big role in influencing what we wear these days. Posting while travelling for example is almost second nature to most of us. The main reason to post on social media is to be able to share a personal experience, but influencers make sure to stay on brand by styling appropriately. Credibility is also key and that helps attract and keep followers engaged and loyal. Social media outlets not only lets your target an abundance of people but you can specify your demographic and cater to these unique groups. Click here for more information on Social Media Management!


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