How to Take your Simple Outfit to the Next Level
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How to Take your Simple Outfit to the Next Level

Do you love a good basic look, but are are stuck on how to style them? Well, you’re in the right place! Basics are the best possible pieces to invest in; they will never go out of style and can be worn in a million different ways. Although this is true, it’s difficult to get inspired to create unique outfits when you have a closet full of basics. So, here are our tips and tricks on how to take your simple outfit to the next level!

Add a Scarf

add a scarf

First off is a scarf! A scarf is a great way to either achieve that cozy winter look or that laid back beachy vibe. Deciding on the right scarf for the appropriate season all depends on the fabrics and prints you choose. For winter, choose a heavier, more chunky scarf with a plaid design. For spring and summer, choose a lightweight scarf with fun floral patterns! Throwing a cute scarf on top of a simple white tee is the perfect way to give your outfit that little extra “umph” that it needs! We are absolutely LOVING Lulla Collection scarves!

Jewels Jewels Jewels


Next is Jewelry! Jewelry if one of our personal favorite ways to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to a basic outfit. Whether it’s a delicate layered necklace or bold statement earrings, a piece of jewelry will be sure to amp up your overall look. There are so many different trends going on, between unique styles, and funky colors, that you will definitely find something that suits your personal style! We’ve been eyeing these beauties for quite some time now!

Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Pop on a leather jacket! Leather jackets are the simplest thing to throw on over your tee and distressed denim. They will transform your basic, not so exciting outfit, into a trendy, city-girl look in a matter of seconds. This one is to die for!

Add a Print

add a print

Printed shoes are so fun to play around with. Whether you experiment with pattern mixing or pair them with your favorite basics, they will add an extra bit of sass to any outfit. Leopard print flats, a leather jacket, and a scarf are some of our go-to pieces when in a hurry, yet still want to achieve that trendy look. These ones are so cute and super affordable!

As you can see, taking your outfit to the next level is incredibly simple! Just add an accessory, or two, pop on a sleek leather jacket, and you’re ready to go! Comment below some of your favorite tips and tricks on how to amp up your basics!

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