Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Edition
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Tuesday marked the official first day of spring. Spring cleaning is an essential ritual for any fashionista looking to make room for new summer clothes and generally revamp their wardrobe. Here some ideas on how to clean out your closet.

1. Get rid of items you’ve neglected

If you’re holding onto items you haven’t taken proper care of, get rid of them. Shoes that are completely beat up, or jackets with buttons missing you know you’ll never sew back on shouldn’t take up space in your closet.

2. Hold onto the basics you’ll always need

There are certain pieces everyone needs. Solid pairs of blue jeans, perfect button up shirts etc. These are the clothes you’ll wear year round and can be matched with trendier pieces seasonally.

3. Say goodbye to overly trendy pieces

With fast fashion so popular these days, it’s likely you have a couple items in your closet you’ve only worn once. It may have been on trend a couple months ago, but it probably looks silly now.

4. Prioritize classics and comfort

One major plus of cleaning out your closet is rediscovering your favorite clothes that have been completely buried. Give the prime real estate in your closet to your favorite pieces that are timeless, comfortable or the epitome of your personal style.

5. The cardinal rule: if you don’t love it, lose it

Lastly if you don’t love an item anymore, say goodbye to it. Clothes, in our opinion, should make you happy and excited to wear them, so if a piece isn’t doing that for you anymore – sayonara.

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