How to Rock a “Fashionista-Off-Duty” Look
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In between gushing over the new collections being shown at fashion week, we can’t help but also envy all the amazing looks we see between shows. Over the past couple years street style during fashion month has grown to be nearly as important as the shows themselves. People have long emulated the famous model-off-duty style that says “yes, I look equally amazing in haute couture as I do in an oversized biker jacket and sneakers”. ¬†However, with the rise of street style, we’ve noticed pr girls, bloggers and plenty of other fashion insiders rocking that same, undeniable cool-girl style. So this week we’re renaming the look “Fashionista-Off-Duty”, read on to see how we rock it and shop!

fashionista off duty look

The key to off-duty style is to mix trendy pieces with comfortable classics, creating a look that is fashion-forward, while still being functional. Add in different textures and personalized elements, and you’ll have a look that is as unique as it is stylish.

For our look we paired these adorable pants with a vintage graphic tee, topped off with an edgy jacket, like this denim one and a pair of sneakers.

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