Skin Care Products to Beat The Winter Blues
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Skin Care Products to Beat The Winter BluesWash Away Winter Blues

Are the shorter days and cold weather bringing you down? Or even worse, is it drying out your skin?? Here are some tips and products to add to your routine to keep you soft and fresh till spring rolls around.

Moisturizing Face Wash
One big mistake people make is that they strip all the oil off their face when cleansing! Using a moisturizing cleansing bar instead of a harsh scrub or face wash could make a big difference. These days African black soap has been a big trend, not only for moisture retention, but also fighting acne. And the best part? They’re totally affordable! This one at Target is under $5.

african black soap

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In the winter NYC ladies’ most loved cream is none other than Kiehl’s ultra facial cream! It reduces moisture loss and keeps you feeling soft for 24 hours.

kiehl’s ultra facial cream

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Keep your skin moist and hydrated throughout the day, even if you have makeup on. It also doubles as a setting spray to lengthen your makeup wear. Perfect for that dewy skin look!


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Sheet Masks
They might make you look scary, but if you can get over that for 15 to 20 minutes, your skin will thank you! After cleansing, tear open the pouch and place the essence-soaked cotton sheet on your face and kick back and relax. Innisfree has 16 options so you can choose the one that’s right for your skin type, and best of all, they’re only $1.80 per mask, so you can try them all! 

sheet masks

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Take care and don’t let the weather stop you from getting you glow on! 

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