Camiposa 2017 Holiday Brunch
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Camiposa 2017 Holiday Brunch

Last Thursday, we continued our annual tradition of throwing a holiday party to thank the editors and PR industry fashionistas who have worked with us throughout the year. In collaboration with our friends at Cameo PR, we hosted a holiday brunch at Laduree, right here in SoHo.

holiday brunch at laduree

The event took place in a private back room of the Parisian patisserie, overlooking the terrace garden. The natural light coming in from the from the large windows, and the pastel tones of the tablescape made for a beautiful scene.

Guests chatted while sipping on freshly-squeezed juices, tea, and plenty of Insta-worthy lattes. The main event however was the set menu with two courses. Pictured above is the lox avocado toast, and a egg white scramble with spinach.

But the best part of the meal was the macarons. So soft, sweet, and cute!

private back room of the parisian patisserie 5

camiposa 2017 holiday brunch

And a PR event is never complete without a few goodies to take home! Each guest got to keep a Rosena Sammi scrunchie and some sweet swag from Tarte Cosmetics!
Click here to get your own scrunchie! 

camiposa 2017 holiday brunch

From all of us at Mariposa, thanks for another great year!

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