The Best Parts of Summer
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When the temperature hits well above 90 degrees and we feel as though we could steam our clothes by simply walking outside, it’s time to step back and remember what we love about the summer months…

1. Summer nights – The sun goes down much later giving us more hours in the day to enjoy going to the park, getting drinks with friends, or simply laying outside and enjoying a beautiful, late night sunset.

2. Mr. Softee – No matter what time of year we’re big fans of ice cream, but something about a vanilla soft serve cone with rainbow sprinkles brings back memories of spilling it all down our shirts trying to catch every last drop.

3. Vacations – Whether you’re headed somewhere across the world or taking a “staycation”, summer is the best time to lay back and relax and with Summer Fridays we get a little extra time for the weekend!

best parts of summer

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