Our Favorite Fall Trends
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Fall is officially here so we chose our favorite trends of the season and hit the stores. Our number one trend is oxblood, the deep red/purple color, we’ve seen everywhere from lips to jewelry, and even jeans!  This trend is so versatile and open to everyone because you can literally fit it into anywhere in your outfit. We like the color best in our accessories like Roberta Chiarella’s Merlot Necklace! Our other top trend is Army Jackets. Perfect for the current weather that’s definitely getting cooler, but with the temperature constantly going up and down, we need a light jacket like this that’s perfect for layering and isn’t too heavy. Too put under our Army Jackets comes our third fave fall trend: polka dots. The colors this season are very dark and the styles are definitely edgier then we’ve seen in awhile so polka are keeping our outfits from being dreary, like the rainy weather, and keeping them young and fun!


favorite fall trends

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